Paris 1900 - The Art of the Cornet


Paris 1900, the era of the great universal exhibitions, is situated between the Paris Commune of 1871 and the Great War. The collection that we are devoting to him allows us to apprehend a Paris that can now seem very distant to us... It is the memory of a glorious, exciting era, of faith in the future, that of many technical and of the development of the arts. French instrumental craftsmanship, associated with the great musicians of the time, definitly impacted the future. This is the birth of the “French wind tradition”, which begins with Berlioz, then Debussy, Saint-Saëns, Poulenc, and continues today with Escaich and Beffa among others.
These recordings consecrate forgotten composers from French and Belgian schools. They give back their letters of nobility to popular instruments of their time, such as the cornet, widely used in the works of Bizet, Massenet, Berlioz or even Stravinsky's Petrushka. Both the flute and the cornet were also associated with the bandstand music that flourished across France.

  • Recorded at Studio Sequenza (France) on 27th June,14th July 2020, 26th, 27th January and 6th April 2021.
                              Sound engineer: Thomas Vingtrinier
                              Artistic Director & Producer: Benoit d’Hau
                              Label Manager: Maël Perrigault
                              Eric Aubier plays a Yamaha Cornet YCR 6335HS and a Denis Wick mouthpiece 4 1/2 et RW3.

The particular flavor of a bygone Paris… nostalgia and lyricism from the very beginning of the 20th century thanks to the downy sound of the cornet à pistons.


1 - Guillaume Balay (1871-1943  )-  Competition piece 6’09
2 - Gabriel Pares (1862-1934) - First solo 5'07
3 - Georges Hüe (1857-1948)  - Competition piece 7’12
4 - Jules Charles Pennequin (1864-1914) -  Competition piece 7’07
 5 - Philippe Gaubert (1879-1941)  -  Cantabile and Scherzetto 5'20
6 - Theo Charlier (1868-1944) -  Competition solo 7’32
 7 - Guy Ropartz(1864-1955) 7-  Andante and Allegro 5’29
 8 - Guillaume Balay  (1871-1943) -  Andante and Allegro 4’10
 9 - Fernand Andrieu (1863-1935) -  Third competition solo 5'26
10 - Joseph Colombo  (1900-1973) -  Wandering heart (musette waltz) 2’50
11 - Jean-Baptiste Arban (1825-1889) / Donald Hunsberger - Brilliant fantasy 9’08