The Trumpet in France


Eric Aubier, in nearly a quarter of a century, has remained at the highest level; he counts among the leading pack of the international trumpet, by the clarity of his playing, his extraordinary virtuosity, and his imagination.” – Jacques Baunaure – CLASSICA

“An essential link in the evolution of trumpet music. Eric Aubier flutters in the Finale of Hummel, as an eminent disciple of Maurice André” – Jean Cabourg DIAPASON

  • Production date : 2017
    Genre : Classic
    Sub Genre : Compilation
    Record label : Indesens/Calliope


This anthology of rare and piquant works will allow us to fully appreciate the prodigious talent of Eric Aubier” – François Laurent - DIAPASON


CD4 - Great French concertos - Désenclos, Tomasi, Jolivet, Chaynes, Jevtic, Jolas

CD4 - Classical concertos - Mozart, Haydn, Hummel, Neruda, Telemann

CD4 - Neo-classical concertos - Pärt, Ives, Rääts, Beffa, Bacri

CD4 - 20th Century Concertos - Planel, Arutunian, Delerue, Jolivet, Schmitt, Tomasi

CD5 - Works for trumpet and orchestra - Enesco, Copland, Charlier, Honegger, Tomasi, Jevtic, Faillenot, Delerue

CD6 - Concertos for trumpet 20th century - Shostakovich, Jevtic, Matalon, Grätzer

CD7 - 20th Century Sonatas - Hindemith, Françaix, Beffa, Jevtic, Jolivet, Tomasi, Level

CD8 - Chamber music - Copland, Françaix, Loucheur, Naulais, Sutermeister, Friedman

CD9 - Miniatures - Gaubert, Gallois-Montbrun, Bozza, Bitsch, Ravel, Enesco, Ibert, Debussy, Chabrier, Fauré, Saint-Saëns, Jolivet, Bernstein

CD10 - German Baroque Concertos - Bach, Fasch, Hertel, Telemann

CD11 - European Baroque Concertos - Vivaldi, Albinoni, Purcell, Stölzel, Vejvanovsky, Tartini, Torelli

CD12 - The Opera Trumpet - Famous Arias by Rossini, Carnival of Venice (bonus track)

CD13 - Virtuoso - Bolling, Poulenc, Gershwin, Legrand, Luypaerts

CD14 - Trumpet and organ 20th century - Escaich, Bacri, Tomasi, Jolivet, Jevtic

CD15 - Trumpet and organ - famous airs - Bach, Gounod, Clarke, Bizet, Franck, Mozart, Spirituals